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With over 20 years of experience we like to act as an independent resource of information to assist you to get the best design solutions with your given space and offer you alternative product options to create a luxurious and quality finish that can exceed your expectations.

Finding The Best Bathroom Fitter

When it comes to picking and installing a new bathroom for your home, there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration. From finding the perfect match for your taste and style preference to ensuring that every detail is realised and finished to the highest quality, there are a number of elements to select to make sure that everything is just right. This can result in a stressful, overwhelming experience that threatens the excitement of a brand new bathroom suite.

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Finding a Fitter

So just how do you go about picking the best bathroom fitter for your needs? There are three main steps:

  • Research:Before you make any concrete decision, it is important that you thoroughly research the options available in your area. Look for reviews, ask for recommendations, and make sure that you always meet up with any potentials in person to see what kind of vibes you get; this person will be working in your home, and so it is super important that you are comfortable with them.
  • Check their experienceNot all bathroom fitters are created equal, and so it is important to ensure that your selection has plenty of experience in the area you need help with. If you are just looking for an update of fixtures and fittings, look for someone who lists this as a top skill, and who has positive feedback. Similarly, if you need a total bathroom overhaul, it is a good idea to check that the tradesperson has tackled this sort of project before, and with favourable outcomes. This means that expectations are clear on both sides, and neither party is left feeling disappointed.
  • Double-check the quote: Getting a solid quote is one of the most important aspects of choosing a bathroom fitter. There are a few things to consider here; the first of which is of course affordability. Make sure that you can comfortably manage the quote, without having to seek extra sources of funding. Secondly, make sure that you know exactly what the quote covers, and get this confirmed in writing. Less scrupulous fitters may offer an initial amount for the work, only for you to discover that the price is increasing as the job goes on, with unexpected expenses and costs. Make sure you receive a clear, itemised bill, and that both parties are aware that this is the final fixed price unless further negotiations take place which both are happy with. This avoids the risk of you being stung by a high bill that you struggle to pay.


Choosing An Expert

As you can see, there are a huge range of considerations to take into account when you are choosing your bathroom fitter, and the rise of the Internet means that there are almost too many choices.

To help take a load off your shoulders, we have a secret weapon up our sleeves: the best bathroom fitter Brighton has to offer, at an accessible rate!

We pride ourselves on only offering the very best quality with every job, and will make sure that you are totally happy with the end result before signing off on any project. All of our work is carried out by skilled, qualified tradespeople who have plenty of experience in the industry, and who will provide comprehensive, reliable and competitive quotes with no hidden costs or fees. 

Take the stress out of your new bathroom fitting by using the best from the outset. We will take care of every detail, from the initial quote to the final tidy-up; all you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the end result!

Incredible Bathroom Designs for Your Home


Your bathroom is perhaps the only place where you can revitalize your mind and unwind your body. Experience the steamy atmosphere, bubbling hot water, and the soothing soap bubbles in perfect solitude. The steam and water soak you, cleanse you, and uplift your moods. Of course, there are many more miracles you can experience in your bathroom.

Renovation Parameters

If you are unable to feel any of such experiences right now, it is time to renovate your bathroom. There are some fundamental parameters you have to consider while choosing renovation options.

  • Structural elements
  • Functional elements
  • Aesthetic elements
  • Hygienic elements

Structural Elements

Plumbing Network –Foundational Elements

Is the existing network feasible and practical? You have to check the water lines, drains and the sewage system.  They include pipes, valves, fittings, and fixtures (taps, washbasins, toilets, showers, etc). If there are defects, you have the options for repairs or replacements. Either way, the system has to work efficiently without defects. Some of the suggested elements you may remember are

  • Material selection (fixtures, pipes, valves, fittings, etc)
  • Network layout (smooth flow rate, optimum water pressure, zero-reverse flow, etc)
  • Distance between water pipes, drain pipes, and sewage pipes, power lines, gas pipes, etc

Floors, walls, and Ceiling –Basic elements

Renovation of the three structures could be a need or an enhancement. The need arises, when the existing structures are damaged and non-functional. You have to enhance when the old design or structural elements have become obsolete. In both cases, you can use the checklist for renovation.

  • New floor type (tiles, concrete, or limestone)
  • Floor design, colour, and patterns
  • Wall design (glossy tiles, matt tiles, cement tiles, artistic tiles, etc)
  • Ceiling lights, cladding, panel, cladding, and design, etc
  • Ambient surround-sound system

Fixtures layout – Comfort Elements

Once you have changed the basic elements, it is obvious you have to change the comfort elements. Now, you have to think like a bathroom designer.

  • Measure the gross space (before installing storage cabinets and related furniture) and net free space (after)
  • Make a list of fixtures you want (washbasin, bathtub, shower, water heater, etc)
  • Allocate minimum free space for movement within the bathroom
  • Check the fixture installation order and practical size of each fixture
  • Plan the installation points
  • Install the fixtures

The water inlets to the fixtures and the outlets from the fixtures have to be in conformance to the plumbing network designs.

Functional Elements


You can choose the design, shape, material, and number of faucets required for your bathroom based on your need. A faucet assembly with connections to cold and hot water sources can be useful during summer and winter. You may choose manual control or a faucet sensor which detects your hand movement to start and stop the water flow valve wherever it is practical to install.


Choose a shower design which can soak your body within the shortest time. It should have a controllable GPM (gallons per minute), pressure, and temperature values. The water heater panel will usually have these inbuilt controls. Side-showers, head-shower, and handheld shower can be useful for hot water body massaging and hydrotherapy. You can plan for such a system if there is sufficient space.


Check the available space for the bathtub and install at the appropriate location. You may connect it to the water heater with a mixer utility. It should have controls to regulate the ratio of hot and cold water.


The water heater can be electrical, natural-gas powered or other types. Safety, durability, and 24X7-functionality are the parameters you have to ensure.

Aesthetic Elements

The aesthetic elements are integrated into the structural and functional parameters. For example, you can choose the floor, wall, and ceiling designs based on Victorian, Irish, classical, or modernist styles. The colour combinations can be rustic, classical, or artistic patterns. You may choose the shape of faucets, washbasins, bathtubs, and cabinets from the antique, classical and modernist styles.

Hygienic Elements

Hygienic elements are also integrated into the structural and functional elements. For example, you can choose a tiling system that is free from algae and pathogen deposits. You may choose a plumbing network free from clogging, foul smell, and pathogen deposits.


Professional home renovators can help you in the task of renovation from the planning to the completion stage.

FREE Design Service

FREE Design Service

Offered exclusively to our clients with no obligation. Speak to our team for more information.

Fully Managed Project

Fully Managed Project

No need to worry about anything. We take care of everything from planning through to completion.

Full Installation

Full Installation

We offer a full installation solution of any bespoke design to make the space you’ve planned come to life.

Five things you must do when ordering a new bathroom

We have loved having the guys here and are going to miss the banter. They are all an absolute credit to your company, Mark. Nothing was ever too much trouble, they were clean, very polite and did exactly what they said they were going to do.

A Stylish bathroom designed to your needs

Bathrooms alongside kitchens are often seen as the heart and soul of a house and as well as creating a calming sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the modern world offer a change to display your own self-expression.

Bathroom Fitters Brighton & Hove aim to help you to materialize your vision and give you workable options to make the most of any project.

Design your bathroom renovation

Bathrooms and wet rooms can take anywhere from one week to a month to deliver depending on size and details. Whilst having workman in your house is not always an ideal we try to make the experience as pleasurable for you as we can and agree in advance the levels of feedback each client would like expect so that together we deliver the best bathroom possible for your house.

Project Gallery

Explore our portfolio of designs from recent projects created for real clients. These designs are inspired by the clients’ individual needs, style and budget, and are a helpful visual tool included with each bathroom design service.

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